How to Replace the INFINITI Key Fob Battery

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When you purchase a luxury INFINITI at our showroom near San Antonio, you can expect luxury features like INFINITI Intelligent Key and remote start. What happens when your key fob battery dies? We have a few easy steps to follow when replacing your INFINITI key fob battery.

What Kind of Battery Goes in the INFINITI Key Fob?

Before you start, make sure you have the correct replacement battery available. The type of key fob you get indicates the battery needed. An INFINITI Key Fob requires a CR2025 type battery, while a key fob designed for the INFINITI Intelligent Key requires a CR2032 battery. Visit our parts center to make sure you have the correct battery for your model.

INFINITI Key Battery Replacement Steps

  1. Press the release tab on the back of your key fob to remove the metal car key.
  2. Once you have removed the metal key and the release tab, open the small panel located underneath it. You should see the INFINITI key fob battery housing. We recommend using a flathead screwdriver with a small amount of tape around the end to avoid scratching or damaging your fob in the process.
  3. Replace the dead battery with the new one, make sure you position the positive side face-down in the fob.
  4. Reattach the small panel that you removed earlier in the process, and then reinsert the metal key along with the release tab.
  5. You’re ready to drive!

INFINITI Key Fob Troubleshooting

Are you have problems with your push-button start or key fob keyless entry remote? We have a few tips and tricks to troubleshoot the problem and get you back on the San Marcos streets:

  • If your vehicle isn’t starting, the key fob battery could be low. Holding the key fob closer to the start button reduces the energy needed to send a signal.
  • If you can’t start the car using push-button start, the issue could be more than just the key fob battery. Replace the INFINITI key battery first, but if the problem continues, you will need to schedule a service appointment to have the vehicle’s battery inspected.
  • If the INFINITI key battery is dead, you can use the metal key in the back of your key fob to start the vehicle and lock and unlock doors.

Visit the INFINITI of Boerne Service Center for Help

If you’re running into issues, the certified technicians at the INFINITI of Boerne service center are here to help! Contact us online, or drop by during service hours, and we will get your key fob working again. We’ll get you back on the road in New Braunfels in no time!

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